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Last minute getaway

On Thursday Cas and I were hanging out when we spontaneously decided to book flights to New Plymouth, we packed out bags and called Vinnie to tell him we were off on our way out to the airport, I love last minute getaways like this, totally in the moment.  We've been to the beach every day, ate lots of delicious food and walked all over town, I actually love hanging out with him when I don't have work to do and can just spend time with him.  Can't wait to go back! XO

Baby in a bucket. Matai Bay, New Zealand.

Oh my I love these, Cas bathing in a bucket and washing himself down with an old tomato can! I just can't!!


 So you already got that I'm an adventurer and love me a bit of camping, I even used to live in a campsite, maybe that's where it all started - Thanks Mum.  When I was a bit younger than Cas is now my Mum, two older brothers and I were in between houses.  Home sweet home Fitzroy Campground.  I think Mum had separated from my father and sold the house in Opunake, Taranaki, so we we we're homeless for about four months before we found a new house. There's a super cute photo of me dressed in a black and white matching zebra pant/top combo my mum had sewed me holding a roll of toilet paper.  I don't actually remember living at the campground but I've created a memory from stories I've been told and they stick because of that photo.  I see that solo image every time I think of that memory, it's all I've got. I feel like these snaps of Cas are like his version of that.

Got me wondering, has anyone else lived in a campsite or someplace interesting as a child? Vinny and I have chatted about moving to a campground for a few months, but logistically right now (and with this crazy weather) it's not a happening thing. I have a friend who as a kid spent years on a boat, which I always loved the idea of!  Maybe we'll do that one day!

Also Babes, I've got a bunch of photos from Summer (and Bali and general life) so I'm going to put together little mini stories like this to share them on here because a) I love taking snaps and sharing stories b) I want to have a place where I can come back and reflect on them and c) I feel like it'd be a shame to keep all 45,698 beautiful photos that I've got on my phone to myself (surely I'm not that only one that takes that many photos?!)  Hope you're having a fab start to the year gorgeous darlings! XO

Fish and chips with friends. Back Beach, Taranaki

Fish and chips should always be eaten in great company and with a spectacular view.  On our last night in Taranaki after Christmas we met up with our good friends Freyja, Blanton and Baby Otis to enjoy fish and chips in the early evening sun.  Cas enjoyed feeding the birds more than he did himself that's for sure.  The seagulls went crazy!  Lol, I recommend waiting till everyones finished eating before the bird feeding! I love going back home to the West Coast and enjoying afternoon sun and beautiful sunsets!! Hope you're having wonderful holidays Babes! XO

VIDEO | HB AP!! Shakespare Regional Park, Auckland Region.

I made this little video for my gf @abbyplested for her birthday!   It's footage I took from an adventure we went on to Shakespare Regional Park, this beach is located at the tip of the Whangaparaoa Peninsula and is soooo beautiful.  I highly recommend a visit if you haven't been before.  To edit the video I used the app RAD VHS, it's super cute but a little nigly to get used to using. Song is Yuma by Matchstick, Abby showed me it,  I love it and listen to it on repeat. There's so many cool photo editing and video editing apps out there! Do you babes have any favourites? Kisses, AL XO