Oh hey there gorgeous Babe...

 I'm Abbylee Bonny.

I could wish for nothing more than to motivate you to live a life you love full of health and happiness.

How?! By sharing my journey, what/who inspires me and by always being real and honest with you.

I’m from New Zealand, Mama to Cassius Iluca (3 years) and newly made fiancé to Vincent. I have a background in PR and Events and a passion for health and happiness, which lead to me start the H + H LIFESTYLE and adventure often to Bali.

I hope this blog inspires you to explore what makes you feel healthy and happy, to visit new places and try new things, but also to connect with yourself, others and nature and live a H + H LIFESTYLE that's individual for you.

Babe, if you see me down the beach or on the street, please introduce yourself - I love connecting with people both online and in real life.

My Legacy 

I'm passionate about helping you find your own version of the H + H LIFESTYLE.  Health and happiness is going to look different for each of us depending on our beliefs and values and I think this individuality is important to remember so we can be inclusive to others who do things a little different from us.  

I could wish for nothing more than to provide a place where others can explore, learn and become empowered to know what it looks like for them.

The skills I learnt in my PR, Events and TV Production background, have given me an ideal platform to put my legacy in to action. I'd love nothing more than to help build a community of happy, grateful people. How much better off would the world be if we all came from this place?


COMMUNITY | I am where I am because of the people I surround myself with and all they teach me.  In my community are lots of amazing and inspiring people who live by different philosophies making them, as individuals, feel healthy and happy; two key aspects I feel can lead to a fulfilled and vibrant life. 


CONNECTION | I love connecting with others, so collabing with individuals and brands to create events and retreats that offer a sanctuary for exploration to what makes you happy and healthy is a natural progression for me.  This is where I can make the biggest impact in an individual's life.


EVENTS + RETREATS | Working with epic co-hosts in gorgeous surroundings, to share an abundance of inspiration and information through yoga, fitness, spa pampering and wellness seminars, our guests will leave feeling motivated and energised as they return home and continue with their H + H LIFESTYLE.


ONLINE | Holding space for an online community where you can maintain that 'Retreat Lifestyle' is possibly how I can make the largest, and most widespread, impact. I love taking and sharing photos, you'll see this on my InstagramFacebook and on the blog.


I might not always be articulate (I'm a terrible speller) but if one thing I share can help one person find some happiness for themselves by inspiring them to take action or making them feel part of a community, I consider that success.


Wishing you health and happiness - always! AL XO