Babe! Don't give up, you got this gf!

The word relentless has been offered to me the last three days in a row, first on a @tonyrobbins podcast, second as I was at fatigue about to stop during a Pump class with @tmademedoit and thirdly today in a song while I was shaking my booty during asha’bam class with @rachael_newsham - YES!


Each time I needed the pep talk, I heard, “ don’t stop, keep going, you got this”.  I’m taking this offer out of these situations and using it as a reminder to keep growing.  It may sound a little dark but if you’re not growing your dying (thanks Tony).  If a plant isn’t growing, it’s literally dying, if you business isn’t growing it’s slipping, if you’re relationship isn’t growing it’s fading. Sometimes in life I get scared and I stop doing things.

During these times I tend to hide away a little, my normally intense sparkle dulls, my energy is depleted and the things I’m passionate about minimise and are no longer important.

“I am relentless” for me is about not stopping the work - the work I’m doing in my relationships, pursuing my self development, building my legacy and the conditioning of my physical and subtle bodies.

 How can you apply being relentless to your life?! Love ya Babes, AL XO

“Be relentless in your pursuit of making your dreams your reality and in finding and living your true health and happiness.”
— Me