Design your dream | Good Health Choices

Growing up my amazing Mum had a her own business, I watched her as a solo Mama put in so much hard work following her creative passion for what was a happy life for us though not financially "rich". When I was young (maybe even up until not that long ago) I saw being "successful" as having a lot of money and for this reason, having watched my Mums journey, I said "I'll never have my own business"... Fast forward to today and what do ya know?! Never say never Babe!!

Having my own business is been bloody hard work, incredibly rewarding, lots of late nights, early mornings, good stuff, bad stuff and all you can imagine in-between. But through it all it's been me designing and creating my dream, just like my Mum did (Love you Mum)!

I recently did an interview with the gorgeous Sara Bunny of Good Health Choices, we chatted about how I came to create H + H LIFESTYLE, the struggles I come up against and why I left corporate life to follow my dreams. For the full article featuring the gorgeous Tracy Manu owner of Blossom Life Coaching and Chelsea Kawana creator of PilatesFIT, see the latest issue of Good Health Choices magazine!