#MAMATRUTH | finding the good in the bad

“Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.”

Ain't that the truth Babes, even in paradise days can feel overwhelming sometimes. Today was quite possibly the hardest day I've had with the babes since arriving in Bali.

I've felt frustrated or furious at least 94 times over the last 12 hours and I shut Cas in his room more times than I have this whole trip. We were a combo for disaster really, you see after a full on morning, Master nearly three didn't have his nap so was tired and unreasonable and me, well I'm coming up to moon time, cue emotional Mama with no patience.

He's asleep now, looking like the angel he is 96% of the time and I'm feeling incredible grateful to be his Mama all over again, plus this day is done and tomorrow is a new day! 

 I write this to simply share with you that no matter where you are in the world, each day has it's own challenges and beauty.  I hope you know you are not alone Mama, we're all in this together and when things get tough it's most important to remember this!

I leave you with my three Mama Mantras, this might not be the first time you've heard these from me and you can guarantee it won't be the last. These three messages constantly see me through Motherhood and in fact, life in general.  

  • You Are Enough (more than enough, you have everything inside of you that you could ever need)
  • Choose Kissing (it's way better than fighting)
  • Breathe (something as simple as three deep breaths)

Love you Mama Queens!! AL XO