#MAMATRUTH | parents need guidance too

I can't quite put into worlds the frustration I feel as a Mama some times, I literally messaged Vinny to say "I don't think I'm made to be a Mum" the other day.  There are moments when I react rather than respond - then I feel guilty for it. I bribe, threaten (to take away toys etc) and count to three in hopes that this tiny child's brain will understand, will communicate and reason with me better than I'd expect an adult to.

Yesterday I got so desperate that something had to change, and of course it had to be me. I remembered that I am in control, something so simple, how could I have forgotten? Yet I'd gotten caught up in the story that I couldn't cope doing this solo and my child was only trouble.

I can happily say that after reading @janetlansbury's blog and listening to her audio book "no bad kids" the last 24 hours with Cas have been an absolute joy.  He's still gotten upset, been tired, cried and all that but I haven't, I haven't met him with big emotions. Instead I've provided a safe space for him to feel what he's feeling, remained calm and I've been so surprised with how quickly these moments have faded rather than escalated (like that would if I had of met him with the same amount of frustration and upset).

I'm not fab at putting this sort of stuff into words. But Mama's if you're ever feeling anything like the above or at a lose I highly recommend checking Janet.  Find her on @janetlansbury and her blog/books have been invaluable for helping me regain confidence as a fab Mama, she's wonderful at putting things in perspective. AL XO