The one relationship I'm determine to heal

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I remember my Mum having this affirmation when I was a kid (hello Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life). I also remember her telling me about it and suggesting I use it, but back then I totally didn't get it. Flash forward 16 or so years and I use this on the daily.

Every time I think an unkind thought about myself I'll cut myself off mid "girl look at that cellulite" and rebut with an even louder, more powerful and sincere, "I love and approve of myself". Yes, this means this mantra passes through my mind, even aloud sometimes, many times in a day. I also speak the words "Abbylee I love you" while looking at myself in the mirror.

Yip, I'm that girl. I'm on a path of self love.

Honestly, I'm nearly 30. Do you know what that means?! I've spent a 1/4 of my life picking myself apart and another 1/4 trying to make amends. I'm not there yet but this is the one relationship I'm determine to heal!

Who's with me?  Remember My Babes, you are loved, you are beautiful and you have everything in side of yourself that you could ever need. AL XO

“I love and accept myself”