Baby in a bucket. Matai Bay, New Zealand.


Oh my I love these, Cas bathing in a bucket and washing himself down with an old tomato can! I just can't!!


 So you already got that I'm an adventurer and love me a bit of camping, I even used to live in a campsite, maybe that's where it all started - Thanks Mum.  When I was a bit younger than Cas is now my Mum, two older brothers and I were in between houses.  Home sweet home Fitzroy Campground.  I think Mum had separated from my father and sold the house in Opunake, Taranaki, so we we we're homeless for about four months before we found a new house. There's a super cute photo of me dressed in a black and white matching zebra pant/top combo my mum had sewed me holding a roll of toilet paper.  I don't actually remember living at the campground but I've created a memory from stories I've been told and they stick because of that photo.  I see that solo image every time I think of that memory, it's all I've got. I feel like these snaps of Cas are like his version of that.

Got me wondering, has anyone else lived in a campsite or someplace interesting as a child? Vinny and I have chatted about moving to a campground for a few months, but logistically right now (and with this crazy weather) it's not a happening thing. I have a friend who as a kid spent years on a boat, which I always loved the idea of!  Maybe we'll do that one day!

Also Babes, I've got a bunch of photos from Summer (and Bali and general life) so I'm going to put together little mini stories like this to share them on here because a) I love taking snaps and sharing stories b) I want to have a place where I can come back and reflect on them and c) I feel like it'd be a shame to keep all 45,698 beautiful photos that I've got on my phone to myself (surely I'm not that only one that takes that many photos?!)  Hope you're having a fab start to the year gorgeous darlings! XO