Oh my, we got a bunny...


On Sunday we went to the pet shop to test the ph of Vinny's water for his fish and what do ya know, we retuned home with thee cutest little bunny.

Okay so it wasn't quite that simple, between seeing the dwarf bunnies (there was two) and actually bringing ours home was a whole day! During this time we visited three other pet shops to see if any of them had dwarf bunnies. We consulted both of our Mums to get their opinions.  We also googled about eating cords, what to feed bunnies, toilet training etc then we went back to buy her, well that was my plan.  Then on our second visit to the original store Vinny announced he thought it was terrible idea so we left.  I almost cried.  Once home we realised we had promised Cas some new duplo (he's such a creative little builder) and Vinny asked if I would take him while he stayed home...

Me | You know if we go without you we'll come back with a Bunny right?

Vinny | Yea I though that might happen...

We chatted it over a little then Cas and I went to get the bunny!  Buuuut you don't just get the bunny, there's the cage, the hay, the bedding, the toys, the food, the bowls, the toilet and the actual bunny.  Vinny opened her before I had even unpacking her stuff and you can bet he's her favourite.  She's settling in slowly.  She loves to eat dandelions and I absolutely love it when she chases herself around and thumps her back leg.  So now we have a bunny, we're heading down to Taranaki to see my Mum next week and you guessed it, the bunny's coming too!

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