#socialsunday 1

Nine cool things I did over the weekend, instead of scrolling on instagram.

  • Had pancakes for dinner and watched a movie with Cas - this is our new Friday night tradition, we just started it. YAY! I’ve always wanted a tradition but I’m pretty sporatic so we’ve never had one, but now we do. We found a family movie for both of us and stayed up until 9pm and then we went to bed at the same time - it was the best!

  • Rented a bike and went for a ride along the foreshore in the sunshine with Cas on the back of the bike. He was saying “Mama this is so much fun!!!” and had the biggest grin on his face the whole time. It was probably the best.

  • I watched Minimalist, the documentary, It’s really really good. I’ve actually seen it before but well worth another watch and it got me thinking about minimising again. Goodness, stuff just stresses me out. I love a clear space, I find less things create less clutter in my mind - it’s like with less stuff around me I can see clearer, breath deeper and feel freer.

  • Did something for someone else. I went over to Mum’s house and help her clear out her wardrobe. I helped her earlier this year but she needed to do another clear out and i knew she wanted my help so I set aside time to pop over and help her.

  • Played all the lego. I hear all the time “Mama, wanna play Owen and the dinosaurs” - Cas loves his lego and he loves playing out little games with the characters. Normally I don’t play. I’m boring and find myself all too often saying, “yea just after I’ve done the dishes” or “I just need to send this email”. So I allowed myself to imagine and play.

  • Went for dinner at my brothers house. Isn’t it funny how you can live so close to people and get so caught up in your own life that you don’t speak to or see each other?! I’ve lived in New Plymouth for coming up three months now and I think I’ve seen my brother and his family like once or twice - I normally see them that amount when I’d come down from Auckland to visit for a weekend. we cooked fresh fish, the most amazing roasties and a beautiful salad. It was so nice.

  • Had a bath. Can you believe I’ve lived in this lovely home, WITH A CLAW BATH, and haven’t even had one. Well this weekend I had two, one with Cas, he’s been asking me ever since we moved here and then I also had one by myself - bliss.

  • Spent time, listening to music, thinking, dreaming and I would say pondering my life. After all I am 31 this week. Because we’re at the end of our “10 week saving holiday” AKA spending time helping my Mum and we don’t really have a plan I actually allowed myself time to dream about what i might like to do next. I don’t have a plan but I do have some exciting ideas.

  • Made a daisy chain on the deck in the sunshine while listening to music and Cas was enjoying watermelon - it really is the simple things that get me.

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