Clean Sheets on Sunday and Other Bedroom Rituals


Oh hey! Welcome to my bedroom Babes!


My amazing fiancé built this bed for me.  I've always wanted a four post bed and while Cas and I were living in Bali this year he made it for me as a gift when I returned home.  BEST MAN EVER!

My bedroom is easily one of my favourite rooms in my house, it has been for years.  I think because since I was 15 when I moved out of my Mum's I’ve lived with other people, so my bedroom's been my absolute personal sanctuary for half my life.


Over the years I’ve created my own set of routines and rituals which others might find particular (maybe even a little over the top) but in them I find comfort and clarity.  I feel like it’s super important to create little rituals for yourself and your home so My Babe, here’s a few of mine. 

I hope you enjoy My Babes.


A collection of little trinkets in my Bali jewellery box. Mala Earth mala beads and earings from the Trade Aid pus a couple of little random bits and pieces.


The cover of a meditation book my Mum gave me, the rest of the book lives inside my bedside table.


We made the pallet base a couple of years ago, bought some pallets off TradeMe.  Vinny spent ages taking off the extra wood then I spent hours upon hours sanding and painting it. To be honest it was such a mission, a fab DIY project but way more work than I'd anticipated. I've huge amounts of appreciation for furniture makers now.

1. Clean sheets on Sunday

I can’t tell you when this started but for the last five years (at least) I’ve changed and washed my sheets every Sunday.  For me it’s the perfect way to seal off the week, wash away all that happened and start afresh.  We actually only have two sets of sheets so I rotate them each week. I also change our duvet and vacuum the house each Sunday too. Cleaning and cleansing.


 2. Sealing your sleep space 

 The first thing I do when I wake in the morning is draw my curtains to let in the natural light. Second to this I make my bed.  Similar to changing my sheets/bedding on Sunday this ritual feels like I’m literally closing the sleeping part of my day and preparing for my wake state.  I find simple pleasure in making my bed, it’s never a chore.  I love arranging my pillows and throws and flattening the duvet creases.  Each morning before I head to my next ritual (washing my face and scraping my tongue) I’ll take a moment to appreciate my bed for helping me rest and restore for a new day.


3. Tidy room, tidy mind

I’m 110% the opposite of myself as a teenager, back in the day you could hardly see the floor, oh my it was actually so bad.  I don’t know how I could even think surrounded by all that mess.  These days you’ll rarely find clothes on the floor, much to Vinny’s annoyance. Haha everytime he’s finished wearing something he’ll put it on the floor and before he knows it I would have picked it up and put it in the wash.  Or now I’ve actually created his own “not clean but not washing” basket, I highly recommend you give your partner one if you’re easily annoyed at their mess, although his things still end up on the floor sometimes…


4. Coordinated Clothes

We’ve been waiting over a year for our landlord to put doors on our wardrobe, you know one of those things they promise they’ll do before you move in then they never get around to doing it.  So as our clothes are always in sight I find it nice to have a home for everything.  And yes our clothes are colour coordinated, I’m a geek.  Our draws are sorted into underwear, exercise clothes and comfy home clothes.  I also have a thing where I like to put empty hangers at the front of the clothes, each time I take something off the hanger I pop the empty hanger at the front.  Then next time you go to hang something up a fresh hanger is right there, perfect.


5. Storage AKA I love baskets

Okay so I might have a basket addiction but how good are they for keeping things/plants in?  In our baskets on the top shelf of our wardrobe are our shoes and hats.  Then on Vinny’s side of the wardrobe there’s his “not washing” basket, one for chargers and cords and another is my miscellaneous basket.  I think the biggest thing when having baskets/draws that help get things out of sight is to go through them regularly and make sure they don’t become dumping grounds.  I go through my miscellaneous basket each week and get rid of things I don’t need, or put them back in their actual home - ie. hair ties back in the bathroom or scissors back in the kitchen.


My fave piece of art by the gorgeous Hannah Jensen, they're my three mantras she painted especially for me. 


100% cotton Logan and Mason Fitzroy White Duvet Cover Set. I also changed my winter duvet inner to a summer one  and got a mattress protecter which are beyond fab as a) this means Summer is coming and b)  the fiancé runs hot so was sweating in our winter set up.

6. Natural over synthetic

I think I picked this up from my fiancé’s family. They’re big fans of natural fibres.  Also, ever since meeting my girlfriend Anna I’d always wanted beautiful linen.  Her Mum had invested in gorgeous bedding for her and I’d dreamed of having the same.  Vinny, Cas and I used to live in a mini house on Vinny’s parents property in Grey Lynn.  The three of us lived in a one bedroom, one lounge, mini bathroom, laundry and camp style kitchen place when we first met. When we moved into our first proper home together we said we’d get a King bed so for Christmas I got us gorgeous linen sheets.  We actually ended up getting a Super King bed so I’ve been squeezing them on for over two years now.  But I digress, quality bedding that is made of natural fibres is a must as it’s breathable - This is one ritual I’ll never let go of.


I love wearing natural materials as much as I love sleeping in them.  My dream 100% silk gown I got at the Seminyak markets in Bali, it cost me $70 for two!


7. Plant Polishing

Oh my I actually love my plants.  I’ll always have at least one plant in my bedroom and I tend to actually rotate my plants around my house. I find this keeps things fresh and changes the space.  I water my plants every Sunday and will polish each one of their leaves once a month.  This is a lovely slow ritual I appreciate and Cas often gets involved, he’ll talk to and cuddle the plants.


8. Setting the mood

I’m such a fan of scented candles. Normally I’ll have a couple of candles in our bedroom but I actually recently burnt out all of my candles in the house, all of them are empty. How?!  I guess this means I had been burning them all at the same time.  I love lighting candles in the evening, they help to set the mood and are a gentle signal to start settling down.


Let's just say I love sarongs.  The black and white robe on the right is the second silk robe I got I got in Bali and the linen bag on the right I use as my camera bag.


Cas this afternoon, just passed out on our bed amongst my 10 pillows - Vinny's always giving me a hard time when he makes the bed and "has to arrange the millions of pillows", especially when we only sleep on two. LOL. Black and white pillows from Logan and Mason and my cream one that matches my throw is Kim Soo.


On top of our pallets is actually two Super King mattresses, we've been having quite the mattress saga in our house the last couple of years, essentially we got both of them second hand and we don't like either of them. Vinny's one is super hard, like you can feel wood and springs so we use it as the base with a valance and mine is on top but it's too freakin' plush.  If you Babes have any reasonable mattress recommendations I'd so appreciate them! 


Woohoo you made it to the end honey! That was a bit longer than I anticipated, turns out I had lots to say.

Do you enjoy this kind of stuff My Babes, I'd love your feedback and I just love hearing from you in general, it makes my day!!

Have a fab week darlings. AL XO