Fresh faced and fabulous


The Facialist, City Works Depot.


I don’t have a lot of clothes but those I do have I absolutely adore and wear often. A few of my favourite things discarded (lovingly) there on the chair.

Left to right - Mae, my lovely Saben handbag (she comes everywhere with me these days), my fav Lonely bra, Miss Crabb oversized white cotton shirt and my Yoli and Otis kimono.


This brush. Oh my. This brush. After a luxurious face, shoulder and back massage this brush was gently guided around my face, it was utter bliss. The contrast of the massage to soft bristles was perfect. 


I received the Tribeca Glow Ritual. Tribeca is Ashleigh’s own brand of skincare and is 100% natural, mostly organic and made to support and rebuild our skin with everything we need and nothing we don’t need.


It felt so indulgent to slip back into bed at 10am in the morning. 

Oh and see that thing to the right of the bed, that’s a herbal steamer, it misted lavender and chamomile over my face during part of the experience. I need one of these at home, it smells amazing.


Babes. You may have noticed I’ve been a little MIA the last couple of days.  I’ve had some big news which has really pulled me back and made me feel pretty internal.  I know it’ll all be okay and it’s totally okay not be okay all the time. This is only for a moment so I’m enjoying taking things slow and being more still.

In perfect timing I was treated to a facial at The Facialist with Ashleigh Scott, Holistic Skin Therapist and the Boss Babe behind the business.  I gotta tell ya honey the whole thing blew my mind.  I had thee most dreamy experience. I came away feeling relaxed, with fresh dewy skin and as though my soul had been given an incredible amount of care.  This last part was totally unexpected, I had no idea a facial could be so healing - It was everything I needed and more.

I experienced lovely oils and incredible smells, firm massages (you can choose your preference) and gentle brushes, warm towels and cold stones.

So we’re clear honey I was no paid to do this post, I hand on heart had the most healing experience and wanted to share it with you because as I always say, I feel like the best things come via recommendations and this, I highly recommend.  

The facial was insanely delicious but it was the whole package that made it exceptional - The stunning decor, the warm greeting, the tea, the scents, the caring touch and energy that made me feel special, secure and totally at home.

I hope you take some time for yourself today my love, take a walk, read a chapter of a book, do a home mask or relax with a cup of tea.  You deserve some time just for you. Come join me in the Self Love/Care Club. ILY Babes. AL XO