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When my cookbooks and cosmetics list the same ingredients it’s a GREAT day in my books Babe!!

Quinoa, acai, pomegranate, blueberry, and cacao - Sounds delicious, right?! Like something I could turn into an amazing gluten free porridge or smoothie bowl! They're also the ingredients found in HAN skincare products. AMAZING! So good you could seriously eat them.

Gorgeous babes, HAN is a 100% naturally derived, cruelty free and affordable makeup brand that's new to NZ and I’ve been trying it out and loving it.



Like most things in my home I’m a minimal makeup babe. So, I like to choose products consciously, things I love and will use often.

HAN (which stands for Healthy and Natural) isn’t just ‘makeup’ they’ve created skincare cosmetics that actually look after your skin. With ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E to nourish your skin. All their products use quality natural ingredients that give beautiful vibrant colours - win win!

When founder, Susan Wong, became pregnant and couldn't find any 100% natural cosmetics at an affordable price she developed HAN.  It was actually when I fell pregnant with Cas that I started to actually consider what I was putting not only in my body but on my body too. So, I’m all about the idea of using nature's colours and tones and avoiding toxic chemicals where I can.  


They don't test on animals and nor do they use Carminic Acid (that’s the one that’s made from crushed bottles to create a red colour), instead they use cherry, pink carrot, beetroots, red quinoa and rose flower.


I’m in love with this Golden Glow eyeshadow.  Anything golden and you’ve got me. It’s buttery and super pigmented, so lovely! I actually use it as a bronzer too! All about those multi-purpose products babes! With acai, pomegranate, blueberry, cranberry, green tea, black tea, sea kelp and shea butter I just cannot get enough.  Their other eye shadows are beautiful and earthy too!


HAN bronzer in Maui, with cacao and coconut is stunning. This is actually darker than I would usually use but a little went such a long way on my face that I didn’t need to use that much of it and it’s easy to layer to make it darker too.  Next time I think I’ll go for Ibiza, it’s lighter with a little shimmer, all about that glow baby!


Pressed Blush in Coral Candy, I have to say for a babe who’s all about the golden bronze this looks super bright! But, upon application it’s far more natural and is actually a beaut blush that is coloured with carrot and quinoa.


I've been using the Cheek & Lip Tint in Coral Hibiscus on my lips and babes, I’ve literally had to stop myself from eating it, it smells BEYOND GOOD! It’s probably a little pinker than I’d normally go for but it’s SO nourishing and soothing on the lips I’ve been happily wearing it all the same.

FAVE! My must have is the Lip Gloss in Nude Rose.  It applies lovely, it’s non-sticky, and the colour is my perfect nude!


I’m very impressed with these beautiful products. So fab that they’re made of 100% naturally derived antioxidant rich ingredients.  They’re totally affordable, cruelty free and available here in NZ - You can find HAN at selected Life Pharmacy and Unichem stores now.

Giveaway |

Thanks to the babes at HAN, I’m giving away a complete set... eyeshadow, lip & cheek tint, blush, bronzer and lip gloss.

To enter simply comment on this blog post why you’d like to try HAN. Competition closes 8pm, 29th November 2017. Good luck, AL XO