Health + Happiness Philosophy


Health + Happiness,  the two things I value the most, words which help guide me, shining light on my pathway of life.  When I’m at a loss for what to do next, if I’m presented with an opportunity, or if I’m choosing between burgers or salad for lunch. I bring it back to these two questions;


"Will I feel happy?" and "Will I feel healthy?"


The decisions you make each moment of each day, what values and beliefs are they based on?  What do you fall back on when you’re unsure of what to do?  We all have different experiences and personal views which shape our individual lives. We also all have the power of choice as to what our day to day, and in turn our life, looks like.


It’s an ebb and flow wave - Some days I’m gonna have wine with my ladies, because wine with my babes makes me happy, and other times it’s going to be eating all the veggies because that makes me feel healthy (plus I love veggies - bonus happiness point too).


This philosophy of decision values makes me a happy and healthy lady, physically and mentally.


I believe deep down we know what is good for us, what makes us feel happy and healthy, checking in with self and basing decisions on these two core values is an easy and effective way to living a fulfilling life full of health and happiness.

  This is what I mean by living the H + H Lifestyle.

Eight Lifestyle Practices


Daily Body Movement

Surfing, yoga, boxing, GRIT or a bush walk in the Waitakere Ranges. It’s no competition, just move your body on the daily.  Different forms of exercise make each of us feel great, on different days.  Check in and listen to your body, what do you need?  A daily dose of body movement is bound to increase your body appreciation.

Self Care

We spend a lot of time doing things for others and place ourselves bottom of the list.  I’ll remind you, you’re so incredibly worthy of giving yourself some self compassion - this could be taking yourself for a massage or as simple as ensuring you get enough sleep at night!

Babe, you can't give from an empty cup, cheesy I know, but it's true! Treat yourself with the love and respect you give your loved ones.


Connection to self, others and nature. Take a moment to practise self care, have some time just for you.  It might be a conversation with someone else that’s about more than the weather. We’re also talking about connection to nature. Connection is a reminder that you are enough, you are connected and we as a whole are powerful.


Whole Foods

Paleo, pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian. Whatever your choice, I'm not here to judge - the baseline of the philosophy is whole foods with little human intervention. It’s eating an abundance of plants, ideally no gluten or refined sugar, choosing organic/spray free where possible and eating high quality fats.

Big for me is not restricting yourself, restriction creates a feeling of deprivation which can lead to a “f*ck it - I’m gonna eat the whole packet of biscuits” mentality.  I’ve been there it’s not pretty and triggers a negative turn in you cycle - eat sh*t, feel sh*t, don’t wanna train, feel guilty, eat more, feel worse and so on.  You ate a biscuit or two, maybe three, so what, bring it back to those Health + Happiness decision values; What will make me feel happy? What will make me feel healthy?


Meditation can feel intimidating for a lot of people, but mindfulness meditation is incredibly accessible.  Much like gratitude, it helps us recognise the happiness that is already in our lives. You can practice mindfulness while you’re eating, when you’re doing the dishes or going for a walk. Mindfulness is when you’re aware and present.  Tuning into your breath can be an easy way to incorporate it into your life.


How good does it feel when you do something for someone else? Or consider how driven you are when you're doing something that you know will have a massive impact on others.  Contribution is about how you can give back to your loved ones, your community and on a wider scale the world.  For you this could be gifting your time for charity, creating a conscious business which is making local and global change or it might be sharing your gift with others to empower them to then share theirs. 

Take it to the next level by contributing to something bigger than yourself.


The difference between having a great day or wanting to go back to bed is gratitude. It’s placing focus on what you do have, rather than what you don’t.  An easy way to implement gratitude into your days is the questions you ask yourself each morning.  These questions can powerfully change the direction of your day.


Instead of, “Will I meet my deadline?” or “Will the traffic be hectic and make me late?”, change the first five questions when you wake up to something that will positively direct your day. “Who do I love the most?”,  “What am I excited about?” or “What am I grateful for?” are great questions to start. 


Conscious Consumption

When it comes to the product I use on my skin and around my house I hold the same philosophy as what I put in my mouth, keep it real.  There once was a time I used chemical everything - I didn’t even think about it, the packaging looked nice, celebrities endorsed it, it smelt good and was cheap.  These days this doesn’t cut it for me and babe, it really shouldn’t for you either.  You're worth more than that and so is our planet.


I don’t buy often, my bathroom cabinet isn’t full of products and the ones that are in there I use on the daily, or at least weekly.  I really dislike having lots of “things” around, so the product in my bathroom are minimal, I’d rather quality over quantity.

Things to consider when purchasing products |

  • Where is it made? Who made it?
  • Can I recycle the packaging?
  • Is it made of natural/organic ingredients?
  • Is it sustainable? Can I buy the same/similar but support a local company?
  • Are the company's brand ethics and values in line with mine?
  • Do I really need this?

Conscious consumption is about the products you buy the shops you purchase form but also using reusable bags instead of plastic. Find a couple of topics that are important to you and stick to them.

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