You've got your home essentials kit, you wanna start blending, rolling and diffusing those oils right?  You're in the perfect place.  Here you'll find a collection of recipes created by Naturopath, Medical Herbalist and Holistic Nutritionist, Twyla Watson, and myself, using only oils form your home essentials kit.

roller Blends

 You'll need your home essentials kit, fractionated coconut oil, 10ml glass rollers.

how to blend

To create your roller blends simply drop essential oils into a 10ml roller bottle and top with fractionated coconut oil just before the neck of the bottle so you can press the roller top in without it overflowing.  Twist on the white cap and your finished.



breathe easy - anxiety

·      Frankincense, 3 drops

·      Lemon, 3 drops

·      Easy Air, 2 drops


apply to the soles of the feet, the sides of the neck and heart space when needed.  You could also roll over the palms of your hands, cup them over the face and draw in 10 long, slow breaths helping to calm your nervous system.


beauty blend

·      Frankincense, 4 drops

·      Lavender, 4 drops

·      Tea Tree, 2 drops


beauty blend is an anti microbial, anti ageing and cell regenerating wonder, it can be applied directly onto the face, scars and spots.



headache & neck tension

·      Ice Blue, 1 drop

·      Lavender, 3 drops

·      Frankincense, 2 drops


roll along the sides of your neck, up to your temples, along your brow line to your opposite temple down this side of your neck, repeat from side to side while taking slow breaths.


uplifting blend

·      Lemon, 3 drops

·      Peppermint, 3 drops

·      Tea Tree, 3 drops


roll on your pulse points, along the sides of your neck and heart space.



sleeping beauty

·      Lavender, 4 drops

·      Frankincense, 4 drops


roll on your wrists, so when you're snuggled up in bed the scent can send you into dreamland.



You'll need your home essentials kit, 50ml spray bottle and distilled water.

how to make

To create your mist simply drop essential oils into a 50ml spay bottle and top with distilled water l just before the neck of the bottle so you can screw on the lid in without it overflowing.


mouthwash and bench spray

·      On Guard, 2 drops

·      Peppermint, 2 drops

·      Oregano, 1 drop

in a 50ml glass bottle combine the oils, in no particular order, then fill distilled water.

this spray can be used to freshen breath, ward off sore throats and colds and also as a spray to clear bacteria off your bench top.



if you have any questions along the ways please reach out